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We provide full service exploration program development and execution, from feasibility analysis, field operations through to reclamation services. We operate with the understanding that seismic operations are often the first stage of a long term relationship with the local community, and conduct operations to ensure our clients long term community commitments are solid.

Corporate Commitment

  • Execute all programs with the goal of zero harm to people, environment and community
  • Ensure open and transparent budget reporting to comply with clients fiduciary reporting requirements
  • Ensure relationships with all stakeholders are respectful and professional
  • Ensure our operations are conducted with the goal of the least environmental footprint as operationally possible

Project Management


Our combined over 100 years of operational expertise, in all types of terrain, urban and natural environments, with multiple layers of regulatory oversight, ensures that your project will be completed in the most professional and safe manner possible. Project oversight from various regulatory agencies continues to become more complex, and our expertise ensures your project can be planned and executed while taking into consideration all regulations and mitigation measures.

Terra-Sine believes in the concept of effective project planning and communication with all stakeholders, including clients, the local community, sub-contractors and employees. Input is encouraged to troubleshoot potential operational and safety challenges, to effectively mitigate potential effects on the project plan.

Project Management Services Include: 

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Contract and Bid Solicitation
  • Field Supervision and QC Services
  • HSE Project Planning and Management
  • Daily Cost & Production Reporting


  • AFE Generation
  • Sub-Contractor Selection & Auditing
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Environmental Planning & Monitoring
  • Reclamation and Remediation
GIS & Regulatory Approval Services

GIS & Regulatory Approval Services



Terra-Sine has one of the most experienced and effective GIS and Regulatory Approval team in the industry. We want to ensure your project is completed and not unduly delayed due to regulatory challenges. We incorporate project planning into the GIS and Approval process, outlining our mitigation measures prior to project application submission.

Although it may take longer to submit our application due to our planning objectives, we rarely are delayed by agencies requiring additional stakeholder consultation or mitigation plans.

GIS & Regulatory Approval Services Include:

  • GIS Mapping Services
  • Project Design
  • Environmental Planning
  • Land Searches
  • GFR and Regulatory Submissions
  • Road Search
  • Aerial and/or LiDAR Procurement
  • Exclusion Zone Mapping
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Pipeline Search & Plats
  • Third Party Agreements & Execution


Terra-Sine recognizes all resource industries are under increased scrutiny from numerous stakeholders, from local communities, landowners, NGO’s and government agencies. The Canadian seismic industry are leaders in low and minimal impact operational techniques, and need to provide effective communication outlining the advancements our industry has developed and exported to the worldwide seismic industry. We conduct our operations in the harshest environments with the greatest regulatory oversight in the world, and do so with the least impact to the environment, all the while with one of the best safety records. We do our utmost to effectively communicate with all Stakeholders that have the potential to be impacted by the operations, and develop effective avenues of communication to help foster long term relationships for our client’s future operations.

  • Permit Agent Services
  • Regulatory & Government Agencies
  • Local Landowners and Communities
  • First Nations Engagement Consultation
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Industrial Operators

Carl Yaroschak


Glen Verbaan

Vice President

Angela Lau

Regulatory Approvals

Gordon De Souza

GIS Services

Wendy Lafontaine

Environmental Advisor

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